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Message to Law Enforcement

In an age when we are saturated by media and its fervent spin on current events, it’s increasingly difficult to tell if issues in our society have worsened or just come under someone’s particular spotlight. Lately that spotlight has been … Continue reading

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A call for peace and understanding

Michael Jordan spoke out in an eloquent, intelligent, loving manner promoting peace and understanding in these continually troubling times.  Good for him!!!  I understand he kept silent for a long time for the same reason most of us do, but the … Continue reading

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Peaceful change

God bless the men and women of the civil rights era, the sixties especially.  They orchestrated and facilitated movements that followed Marin Luther King’s lead and tried (and succeeded) in changing this country for the better with peaceful intelligence.  They … Continue reading

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Since when is it ok…

Since when did it become ok or acceptable to argue and fight with law enforcement?  And then when things don’t end well (which they obviously won’t) you cry abuse.  These officers are doing their job, which our taxes pay them … Continue reading

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