Drawing a Line

At what price morality? What limits do we have when it comes to doing or saying the right thing? Will we go so far as to risk life or limb? How about our careers, wives, family, or friends?

There is a show out called “What would you do?” that poses some of these questions and prompts my question. In an ideal, safe, anonymous world, we may stand up for others as we would ourselves, say and do the right thing because we want to champion morality and decency. But does that ring true when we live in a world wrought with repercussions?

Would you give up your job to stop someone from committing a crime? Would you risk a beating to save someone else from one? Would you lose your business to stand up for your religious beliefs? Would you alienate your family or friends by pointing out immoral and indecent behavior?

These seem like rhetorical questions/situations, but they are all pulled from headline news. Normal, decent, everyday people who have been unwillingly thrust into untenable, often unthinkable situations.

Where do you draw your line? I think it’s worth a thought.


About PR Huckans

I'm a retired dentist who likes to drive fast, travel, and try to be a good worker, father, husband and Christian. I don't know how well I am doing in each category, but I can drive very fast and I work very hard! You can find out more about me at my author page at Amazon
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