Choose Now!

Here we are at the end of the year again. A time when people all over start to think about remaking themselves, beginning new habits and dropping old ones. They think about being better spouses, friends, workers…or just better people.

It’s a funny thing, really. To wait all year to suddenly decide to be a better person. To postpone changes that you need to make to feel better about yourself. To put off all the things you know you should be doing till that magical first day of the year. Only to let those same aspirations fall flat after a week or two of mental neglect. You put things off for so long that you’re used to pushing them into a mental corner to be dealt with later; it’s no wonder you lose track of them so quickly after you finally resolve to tackle them.

If something in your life needs to be changed, why wait? Every day is a new chance to live the life you know you should be living, to do the right thing and make new and better choices. If you wake up each and every day with the goal and purpose to make those changes a reality, your chances of success are infinitely higher than putting them off until a “more opportune time” and then quickly forgetting about them because you failed to make them daily priorities. Live the life you want to live, that you know you should live, now….you are never guaranteed a tomorrow!

As a Christian, I have been raised anew from the watery grave of baptism. Each day is a fresh new start to try to live the life our saviour hopes that we’ll live. Each day is a chance to correct the mistakes from the one previous. Each day is a day to celebrate life and the love of the Lord by counting our infinite blessings.

The world will not be magically changed on January first, but it can be miraculously changed each and every day by each of us deciding to make the world a better place….today.


About PR Huckans

I'm a retired dentist who likes to drive fast, travel, and try to be a good worker, father, husband and Christian. I don't know how well I am doing in each category, but I can drive very fast and I work very hard! You can find out more about me at my author page at Amazon
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