A Toast to Nature!

I know I must be getting older because certain things bother me more than they used to, like the absence of dignity. I don’t feel comfortable going out in public if I don’t have my teeth brushed, my hair combed and the proper clothes on (or at least according to my wife) while other people feel completely at ease in their pajamas, slippers, bras and bed heads. I’ve had to carry on conversations (unfortunately) with unbrushed mouths that smell worse than the hippo pool at the zoo. Self respect and dignity already seem to be lacking, but they took another hit a couple of evenings ago.

A few nights ago I got to witness a mass bat egress from a tunnel while five drunken adults sat directly behind myself and my wife. What a treat! The egress, not the drunks. Five loud alcoholics versus three million near silent bats…the bats never stood a chance! I like to be in full control of my faculties while dealing with other people, so it takes more courage than I possess to be publicly intoxicated, but I guess that’s why they call it liquid courage. I think the name “stupid juice” is more apt, myself. From a medical standpoint I would have guessed brain trauma was to blame for their volume, language and repetition of incoherent utterances , but nope…just alcohol. The smell was horrid…the bat guano from the tunnel, not the drunks…well maybe a little from the drunks.

The moon was high and full and glistened off their wings as they spiraled upward in a swarm reminiscent of a tornado. The sound was awful, the drunks not the bats. See I couldn’t actually hear the sound of the bat wings beating the air around me…at least until the drunks needed a refill and left, much to the pleasure of the rest of the crowd….and maybe the bats! It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend…the bats, not the drunks.

It truly astounds me the beauty that surrounds us all…and those that willingly drown it, and their dignity, out. Just do the rest of us a favor and stay home next time, you probably won’t remember anything anyway!


About PR Huckans

I'm a retired dentist who likes to drive fast, travel, and try to be a good worker, father, husband and Christian. I don't know how well I am doing in each category, but I can drive very fast and I work very hard! You can find out more about me at my author page at Amazon
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